Achieving Results For My Clients Bring Me Joy


It really brings me such joy to see my clients perform well!

Over the last month I’m especially proud of two of my clients’ achievements – I know this is a subtle pat on the back for me – but it really makes me so happy. People don’t understand that in the world of digital marketing you really get what you pay for. Work with a professional that knows what they’re doing – you’ll thank me, and you’ll make more money than what you pay for a professional service.

In one month, just from a Foundation implementation, my one client who is in the biometrics sector, achieved:

  1. Goal Conversions improved 204.7%  MoM
  2. Conversion Rate improved by 184.73% MoM
  3. Organic traffic increased by 136% MoM
  4. Keyword ranking went from zero first page non-brand ranking (they were basically over 99+) to achieving 28 #1 positions on Google for non-brand terms, and 55 Page 1 non-brand rankings.

One of my other clients who has been with me for a few months had their best sales month ever! By more than double their usual monthly turn-over.

Consistent application, and knowing what to look for to make improvements, really pays off.

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