SEM Success Story – Prepaid Meters


I have been consulting to this really great and innovative brand in the prepaid meter space for the last 2.5 years or so.

I provided both SEO and Paid Search services to them.

When I started they weren’t really focussed on digital marketing, but a really great marketing manager had joined them and employed myself and a social media expert to help her take the brand to the next level.

Industry: The company provides electrical and water prepaid meters in South Africa. Their industry is not very sexy, nor was it a big focus for the respective players to focus much on digital marketing.

It has definitely become more competitive over the last two years, and I can happily say that this brand led the charge, with many copycats trailing behind.


The key challenge was to optimise the site for a wide range of interests: contractors (who wish to install meters), landlords (who wish to install meters), tenants (who wish to have a better understanding of their utilities) and wholesalers (who wish to stock their products).

Another big challenge was that (after the second content overhaul) the client didn’t want much on-page optimisation, so we had to find other ways to optimise core pages through supporting copy. The intent was to overhaul the site again with on-page optimisation, however that did not transpire.


  1. Website Overhaul. We tackled their website (twice over the full period). We overhauled the content and focus areas and we even managed to make it more appealing!
  2. SEO Allocations. My big challenge was not to water down the SEO focus by having too many audiences in mind. We found the right split by doing many workshops and in-depth analysis with the team and researchers. The SEO here was a split between solid technical foundations and on-page content.
  3. Paid Search ROI. I later took over the Paid Search (Google Ads) from another service provider. The challenge here was to find the right focus to spend money on, get brand awareness, but also get great returns (ROI) from our spend.

Throughout this time we had many ups and downs (in traffic, competitors and other things, like the pandemic) where we had to switch strategies on the fly to keep things moving forward. But it did, and the brand remained the number one brand in this sector digitally.

Below is a screenshot (all client and competitor details removed fo privacy) of how far ahead the client is against the rest of their sector.

Also, site not affected by algo updates like most of the the competitor sites were 😉


Success Metrics (SEO)

  • Organic Traffic improved by +443%
  • Leads improved by  +696%
  • Kw Positions – we focussed on about 130 tracked key-phrases (non-brand) which were all ranked top 30.
    • 67 First Place Positions on Google (and this is non-brand terms)
    • 120 First Page positions on Google (non-brand terms)

Success Metrics (Google Ads)

  • Clicks improved by 2,620%
  • Leads improved by 2,256%
  • CR improved by 472%
  • CPA dropped -90%
  • *Just want to add that the budget remained consistent during this time. Results purely from account optimisation.

If you’d like to see how we can improve your digital marketing objectives, traffic, leads and ROI through SEO and Paid Search, please get in touch.

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