Facebook Targeting Cheat Sheet


Targeting on FB is a total PIA. It’s like they want you to spend money and keep spending till you get it right.

I find that sometimes no matter how well I target, there is a stage where it inevitably hits the wrong target market and it’s so frustrating. My theory on this is that FB rates your targeting against best to worst matched, and then once you’ve worked your way through the best matches it starts showing your ads to those on the peripheral match list – hence wrong target market. It’s a business after all, and it wants to make money.

Anyhoo, it’s still one of the cheapest platforms to advertise on, and depending on your industry, best bang for buck for brand awareness, and also if you’re in hospitality as example, best bang for buck on conversions.

But it’s tricky to understand exactly what your options are with the targeting, so lo and behold I give you “The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting” put together by our friends at Moonisali.com – thanks for this guys!

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