Christine da Silva – Digital Strategist

aka hello world!

I’m no newcomer to the digital space, Twittersphere or blog world. I started my own agency through my hard-hitting and very straightforward blog in the early 2000’s! And through my blog built my reputation and gained interest from people that became loyal clients.

This is the second time I’m building out, this time with a more clear intent to keep building on my personal brand. Since my agency AlterSage merged with Neo@Ogilvy South Africa back in 2010, I have sharpened by skills and built on my passions. I’ve had the privilege to work with and create marketing strategies for some big corporate brands, have built my own companies (,, and sold one thus far, have worked in-house at fantastic start-ups and have continued to consult to a handful of people.

Over the years I’ve been approached a few times to consult again, but I’ve turned down more than I’ve accepted. But I’ve realised I love helping companies turn-around. I love understanding why things are not working, put plans in place to help them succeed and watch them become profitable entities.

I enjoy doing what I love, so here I am, offering this service at large.

If you’re a start-up or corporate and need an objective, straight-talking marketing turn-around strategist, get in touch. Let’s do great things together!

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