Empathy Makes a Great Digital Marketer


I’ve always found it really easy to get in the heads of consumers for any business I provide services to. I can see things from their point of view, understand what they are looking for, and in return, know how and where to give it to them. This is called empathy and it makes me really good at what I do.

As a SEO veteran, we didn’t have fancy keyword research or keyword density tools. We had to do that stuff manually. I’m so thankful for that as it taught me how to truly understand content, verticals and rely on my own skills and experience more so than a tool. New age SEOs are sometimes far too reliant on tools to bang out keywords and write content that they forget who they are writing it for. And so they may rank well, but lose the conversions in the process (or lack thereof).

It is so important to do the groundwork on your client, their consumers and their competition thoroughly before you put pen to paper and draft the site optimisation theme.

I have had to fix website optimisation where clients were with a company for a year and their site was not doing well. They brought it to me to understand why. After spending time with them, looking over their industry and competitors and only then going to look at their website did I understand where things went wrong. The SEO they were using optimised it for something completely different! They had not taken the time to truly understand what the client offered, nor who would be looking for their services.

Unfortunately the client didn’t know enough about SEO to understand where things had gone wrong, and the SEO didn’t have the experience to understand the vertical. (It was International Trademark Law, Copyright, Patents & Trademark Infringements if you were wondering.) I fixed it for them (ie re-optimised the entire site) and they saw drastic improvement in their web leads.

If you have any doubts about your optimisation after three months of working with someone, just like seeing a Dr, it’s okay to get a second opinion – but make that second opinion count. Don’t just take it to any other agency that will say anything to sign you up.

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