Fresh Food & Parcels for Your Domestic During Lockdown (Covid-19)

fresh-food-delivery during lockdown

This global pandemic may wreak havoc on our and global economy, but for some industries it has shed a lot more light on their services.

I for one am happy to have found more companies that deliver fresh fruit & veg, and also today discovered a service that you can deliver food parcels into the townships like Khayelitsha.

For Cape Town, these are some of the providers I’ve discovered:


  1. Nomadic Delights – I like that you can order preselected boxes, or mixed combos.
  2. Farm Fresh Online – various fruit & veg boxes, and extras to add including eggs, milk, olive oil and rusks.
  3. The Veg Box Company – (KZN only) – fresh veggies, herbs & fruit.
  4. Wild Organics – (Ctn only) seem to have quite a variety, and do weekly deliveries (orders must also be in before Wednesdays each week for following week delivery)
  5. Think Organic – (Ctn only – but up to Paarl, SSwest & Simons Town) – nice large variety, including seafood, butchery, bakery, herbs, growing seeds!, and even pet supplies! (Pet range includes mince & biltong only)
  6. Buy Fresh – (Ctn only ) but their policy during lockdown is unclear. Massive range, from meat, dairy and fish through to bakery and pantry items.


FOOD PARCELS FOR YOUR DOMESTIC WORKER (CAPE TOWN ONLY): – the site was a little cryptic on how it actually works, so I chatted with the provider to find out more.

  • They only deliver to a couple of locations within Cape Town at present, but this model is def something we could roll-out nationally.
  • It is a door-to-door delivery. You HAVE to have your domestic’s physical address. First I thought it was a service that would take orders to a drop-off point in the township, as street addresses are just impossible usually – but no, you need their actual address – which is sometimes really hard to come by – so I’d also like to see some kind of alternative option here.
    • *Update on delivery: After chatting to the provider, if you don’t have the actual physical address of the person you wish to deliver to, or if it’s just near impossible to locate them, they send drivers from the location into the location to deliver (so they know the area) – and call the person being delivered to arrange a pick-up spot. Loved this!
  • The contact details entered should be the person it is being delivered to, as the drivers get in touch to confirm the delivery location and that someone is available.
  • Delivery fee is R50 if below R500, and free for orders above R500.
  • The grocery parcels range from cleaning to some basic food items and combinations thereof.
  • On checkout, you select your delivery date from the options they have available, and for that delivery area.
  • Their current lead time is about a week or more, because they have just been inundated with orders (which is awesome). I still think this is worth-it, and helps keep more people from having to use public transport or roam to grocery stores for essentials – assuming they can afford them.


What are some of the services/providers you discovered during lockdown? Share in the comments below.

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