SEOs Are Like Dog Behaviour Consultants


There have been a few posts written comparing SEOs to something or other…I think there was even one on “SEOs are like a box of chocolate“. And they’re all funny, as they’re all true to some degree…Finding a good SEO seems to be similar to finding a good dog behaviour consultant. You never quite know what you’re going to get until you try them.


I’m a huge dog lover and have two rescues myself. They are little terrorists when they want to be and since adopting them three years back, they seriously dislike other dogs in their space. If we walk them they will try and charge at other dogs across the street – not in a good way. Luckily they’re not worst case scenario, but yeah – I needed some help with them. I run another company for Pet-Safe Getaways where families can actually vacation with their dogs in a relaxed environment. In South Africa, we have pet-friendly getaways, but that does not guarantee that it’s what we call pet-SAFE, nor will make for a relaxing weekend away (as you end up chasing your dogs either down the road as they jumped the fence (if there is one) or got tangled with another dog). So end result is that we try to visit all of our Getaways with our dogs that we can review them against specific criteria measuring both safety and comfort of stay. But sometimes there are other dogs at these Getaways, and we need to be confident that if we’re in a situation like that in an open field or on a mountain trail, our two will be confident enough not to freak out. Hence seeking out the dog behaviourist.

How are SEOs and Dog Behaviourists the same exactly?

I went through two dog behaviourist prior to the one I’m currently seeing. The two previous ones had vastly different styles in their approach. One was okay ito her methodologies, but her attitude sucked; the other was a little too eccentric for me.

The one we have now, I loved her approach¬† and her methods seemed sound to me, but we were in situation last week I wasn’t comfortable with. I’m blogging the whole series of course as part of my other blog, and have received feedback on my last post from another Behaviour Consultant pointing out all the ‘error’s in the training we’re receiving and how this is actually not helping our dogs at all. Our BC (Behaviour Consultant) is really great, but she gives the advice and initial consulting on behaviour and the training required and then kind of handed us over to a Trainer (who is not a BC) to do training walks with us. I was kind of expecting she would do all the work – this not unlike some SEOs or SM Strategists who give you all the love upfront and make great promises, but then hand you over to a junior to do the work. You’re never quite getting the same experience, even if they’re keeping an eye on what the junior is doing.

This whole situation felt very much like the world of SEO. As a client, you might know you need it, but you never quite know what you’re going to get from the person you’re hiring. Much like the BCs we had. All three of them had great reviews, but until we actually went through their consulting session we didn’t know what to expect or if it would work for us.

There may be good ones, and bad ones – but you don’t quite know if what you’re getting is good (results obviously speak for themselves), and if you’re not in that industry, how do you really know if you’re getting what is best [for you site/dog]?

Research is obviously one way, but I want to pay for someone’s [good] advice/experience. Plus, as with SEO there is so much conflicting material out there on the www. So you end up trusting the person you hired and hope for the best.

SEO is also SO subjective. Each SEO has their own methodology. Which seems to be the case with BC as well. I’ve had to review other SEOs work previously with different methodologies to my own. They got results for the client, but I would’ve taken a very different approach as other objectives are more important to me. But does that mean their approach is wrong?

In my experience trying to “sell” SEO services has always been challenging – due to the snake-oil SEOs out there whom clients have had to deal with previously, and it’s always a challenge to convince someone who has had a run in with them [as a bad experience] previously, that they should give it one more go.

I guess going through this experience with the BC has given me renewed empathy for how much businesses still struggle with this kind of thing.

As with SEO, I guess, time will tell…

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