Shoutout to YuppieChef for great Service


My recent post about my experience with customer service from an online order from Mr Price Home sparked a comment from another store owner on my LinkedIn profile. His comment was that we almost never give thanks to those store owners that do their very utmost to please their customers. So this is a short post to do just that.

I ordered a vacuum cleaner from Yuppiechef yesterday (20 June) at 12.45pm. I received emails all the way keeping me posted on my order & delivery. Delivery was the next morning (21 June) before 9am!!

As always the package arrived in pristine order with their famous handwritten thank you note.


Since Yuppiechef started, their goal was to do things differently and stand out from a customer service point of view. And that is why they are in our top eCommerce stores – not because of price, product or even search capability.

It’s because of customer service.

Do things go wrong? Yes, of course! But they acknowledge it, are transparent with their customers and do their level best to keep you updated every step of the way. And that is all customers want. Acknowledgement.


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