Unapologetically Direct

I watch Gary Vee’s channel (amongst others), and am just finishing up Tim Ferris’s book “Tools of Titans”, in which he actually does reference Gary Vaynerchuk too later in the book. Reading this got me thinking (as the book & the channel are meant to do) about myself and the way I  do business.

I’ve always been direct, honest and straightforward with clients.

Working for some specific companies along the way (who will not be named) made me feel ashamed of this trait (yes okay, I can come off as quite strongly opinionated sometimes, but even when I was being super gentle, they balked every time the truth came out of my mouth); but I think it is possibly my greatest asset in business. It is what sets me apart from everyone else offering digital marketing services.

I play it straight, I look at your complete business and I don’t tip-toe around issues. Let’s get it on the table, address it and build from there.

I’m not just going to spend your money for the sake of spending it, or because you like seeing posts on Insta use that as a marketing channel. I’ll choose relevant channels where you will see real Return on Investment from the marketing efforts. After all, you want more sales and I want to provide value to you.

The way I look at it is: you come to me for advice and my expertise. Why should I agree with what you’re saying just so you feel good about yourself and then sign me on as consultant? Sorry, that doesn’t sit right with me. You can go get that anywhere else – and I promise you, their service will probably be just as mediocre as their backbone.

I’m not everyone’s cuppa, and I’m okay with that. Being a veteran in SEO and digital marketing, and having earned my stripes in the 17 years I’ve been doing this, you can trust my advice, I’m not going to BS you, and I’m not going to discount my services because some other provider is half my price. An hour of my time is probably worth at least 3-4x theirs.

Do you want mediocre service just because it’s cheap and they flatter you? Or do you want the real deal?

Stop being offended and work with someone who can make you better than where you are now.

Thanks Gary & Tim for keeping me authentic.

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