Your Strive for Perfection is Holding you Back

“Perfect is the enemy of the Good” – Voltaire

Ponder on that for just a few seconds…

I’ve consulted to many firms and been involved in many web, mobile and ‘other’ projects. Things always start out well intended and structured.

We create a Scope and Project Plan and everyone agrees to goal posts and timelines.

And then, there it is.

Right when you have the goal post squarely set in your vision.

Someone feels it’s not polished enough.

Sometimes this is the Business Owner, sometimes the Developer or Front-end. On the worst of these occasions it is scope creep.

I just want to strangle them.

“Perfect is the enemy of the Good” – Voltaire

In digital you will never get anything perfect straight off the bat. In fact, you should not even try.

Digital is agile. We learn every day. And the beauty of an app or website is that you can change it, update it and edit it based on customer and or UX feedback (heat-maps) POST launch. Don’t keep changing and editing it BEFORE you’ve even launched it to your end users.

Bugs are of course different. I’m not saying launch it with bugs – it must be working properly, but it doesn’t need all the bells & whistles to get it live.

MVP people. MVP. Minimum. Viable. Product.

Build it. Get it launched, test and iterate on the go thereafter, but get it out.


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