Dodgy SEOs

In my time I’ve seen some dodgy SEO practices. I’ve corrected my fair share of black-hat optimised sites, and corrected ranking for many a slandered site too.

There is used to be this favoured technique called Link Spamming – early Google days – we’re talking early 2000’s people loved Keyword Stuffing their site pages = when you have the same colour text as background (which were largely reams and reams of keywords) to try and fool Google into thinking you have all those keywords present on the page….dumb huh?

So how is it possible that there are still people doing Link Spamming to Blogs?

Link Spamming is where someone posts a comment to your blog and stuffs it with keywords linked to certain pages of their sites. So much dodge!

Check this out. I laughed a lot when I saw this….this went on for at least another 200 keywords!

dodgy SEO technique link-spamming

How are people still doing this? And more importantly why are people still paying for this!

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