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Google have rolled out what looks like their take on a User Generated content angle in a new service called “Posts by Google”, and it may very well swing the favour to them in the larger social landscape too.

In recent years the search engine has tried their hand at the Social Network game through GPlus and by rebranding products such as “Gtalk” to “hangouts” (their Messenger), Communities (their Groups) to go head to head with the more popular social network, Facebook. It was supported for a short time where it was a fad in the more technophile groups to use, but Facebook took over and reigned supreme for many years.

In the last year or so however, the popular social network has started seeing a decline in users, with those staying, and or using it as an advertising platform, becoming more and more frustrated with the end result of FB technicians’ endless tweaking to fine-tune their algorithm – which it has still not quite perfected. Algorithms of course being Google’s forte – and with this new Posts by Google, IMO, will have masses swing back over and take interest once more.

It’s also fore-mostly a great SEO angle – adding even more SERP presence to brands that use it, as can be demonstrated in the image below with the usual benefits of faster indexing, and “Google Juice” – or Authority as it’s better known, for sites that use it well. If you post regularly, this is a great way to get your latest content in front of people searching for you, your brand, or industry. You can also pretty much be guaranteed a great take-over on the SERPs too – more real estate!


Oh, also you get a console to view your insights – you can see impressions, clicks & CTR on posts. Great new addition for any SEO.

*Update 2 October: The posts have a short lifespan of about a week before Google removes them and encourages you to replace them. Thus keeping the content fresh.

Perhaps in the long run, Google will also use these posts to substitute content discovery on Plus too.

Time will tell.

For now, find out more and play around with your own Google posts by getting verified here.

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