Naming Images For SEO

image naming tips seo

Image naming plays a role in SEO too and can help boost articles and content if named appropriately.

It is something that is really quick and easy to do, yet often one of the MOST overlooked elements I come across with my clients.

I thought I would share 3 quick tips for naming images:

  1. Keep it short – 1-3 words max
  2. Use hyphens to separate words
  3. Name the image close to the topic of the article – for example an article about road tripping with your dogs, the main image could be “road-tripping-dogs”  instead of “blog.jpg” or “image-2-large.jpg”.

It will greatly help your content performance in future!

Unfortunately changing image names after the fact is a great pain for us SEOs. We have to download the image, rename, upload (or change directly at server level) so doing it while loading the article is the easiest.

Implement these today and you’ll already notice small incremental changes for your SEO tomorrow.


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