eCommerce Performance

The true facts to uncovering eCommerce performance is not only looking at the product and the competitive landscape, but taking the full customer journey into consideration.

Through years advising eCommerce clients, I have created a bespoke way to quickly understand and analyse the true performance of an eCommerce business. Through my advice, businesses have improved up to 30% by implementing my recommendations in the short-term, and more with increased attention to elements in the eCommerce Performance Report.

The service combines multiple practices and takes each businesses unique factors into consideration.

Some of the areas covered in the Performance Report, but not limited to, include:

  1. Product and business goals
  2. Target Demographic and Audience Psychology
  3. Content & wording
  4. Consumer journey
  5. UX of shopping journey
  6. UI (where applicable)
  7. Optimisation
  8. Competitive landscape
  9. and many more

The eCommerce Performance Report includes all the findings, as well as actionable recommendations that would see immediate improvement.

I consult, create strategies or assist to implement recommendations from start to finish, and train your own team to take over. Get in touch to see how I could help your business grow!