Facebook is Messing with a Good Thing Again

I honestly don’t know why Facebook keep messing it’s Page admins about. It is like there is no one guiding them on UX and their designers are left to run around doing whatever they like.

Case and point the forced push to use their Creator Studio.

I hated it since that came out – it is not user-friendly.

Remember When You Could Create Posts ON your Facebook Page?

I first commented on their craziness in October 2019 when Facebook removed post-scheduling from Page management. Facebook’s push at that time was to get all Page admins to create a Facebook Business account.

Now they are at it again.

As of earlier this week, you can’t create non-standard posts on your Page, nor schedule posts on your Page from your Business Page Manager “view”. Now one has to go to the “Creator Studio” in order to do so.


Sure it may look like you can “create a post in Facebook”, but choosing that option gives you nada to really work with outside of text and an image.  They actually promote the Creator Studio in post creation now, too.


To create a post with the options one expects to have, such as a “carousel post” or even just to schedule posts, one now has to try and navigate the world of their Creator Studio circus.


The post-options in Creator Studio now look a lot more similar to how one creates an Ad in the Ad Centre.


So in order to schedule a post, or to simply create a carousel post (which I often use for this travel brand), I have to navigate 3 clicks from Business Manager. If you still have to open that, it will be more.

Why would you increase the clicks? Why change things? I understand that they want to keep things in the FB ecosystem, but it was before? There was no need to add a full extra section (1. Facebook, 2. Facebook Business, 3. Facebook Creator Studio and 4. Facebook Ad Centre)

It is highly annoying.

Sometimes one just wants to quickly post/schedule something without having to go to 3 different places in order to do so.

It may seem trivial if you don’t manage any Facebook Communities, but if you manage one or more those extra clicks in between add up.

Facebook, annoying us slowly.

*PS: The travel brand mentioned in this post belongs to me. No SLAs were broken in the making of this post. 🙂



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